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January 5, 2005 by CamMeg
The Military Family Network connects you with what you need. is made available through the help of military families like you who take the time to record their experiences and pass along their community knowledge. We also work with community organizations, local governments and businesses- networking them together through our Community Connections Program. We have invited the whole community to come onboard to support the families of our Armed Services. And, like you, they have res...
October 26, 2004 by CamMeg
I just finished watching Christopher Reeve's last project "The Brooke Ellison Story". I have to tell you I am overwhelmed with emotion. The courage of this woman and her family is beautiful. I commend not only her perserverance in obtaining her goals but also her parent especially her Mother to enable these dreams to come true. About 10 years ago I worked with a man that was paralyzed from the neck down from ALS more commonly known for the baseball player Lou Grieg.

When I met Champ I was 20...
October 16, 2004 by CamMeg
I have been blessed just as all of us have in one way or another. This article is about sharing the apprecation I have for a very special man that is part of my life. This man has accomplished so much in the few years I have known him and continues too persevere. I am incredibly proud of him. He has not allowed personal storms to shatter his dreams and is working hard towards a stronger future in order for us to share our lives with one another. I recognize his actions supporting him in ways I...
October 16, 2004 by CamMeg
When storms come into our lives from different directions regardless if it was from a poor choice we have made or an unexpected challenge, life happens. When it does we also deal with these events differently. Some of us deal with accepting the reality of the storm in stages, others are able to conquer the storm head on immeadiately. Regardless of how you deal with your personal storm be PROUD of yourself .

I am 31 years old and have been through many life storms as well as currently weath...
October 11, 2004 by CamMeg
The air was fresh and crisp here yesterday as I took a short walk in the neighborhood. As I walked down the street I saw a women and her 10 year old son get out of a car. The woman is around my age and she is a widow and her son will never feel his biological fathers embrace. When I attended my neighbor's funeral 10 years ago everyone was perplexed about his death including me I saw him the day before at a local pub. When he scared away some obnoxious idiot that was hitting on me and I was so el...
October 10, 2004 by CamMeg
Being a survivor from abuse in itself is an accomplishment. Learning to empower yourself after enduring abuse is essential. After you have gone through therapy and literally reconstructed who you are, what your core values are, you again start life. Meeting new people and forming relationships is so freeing. Being able to share and discuss one anothers philosophies and issues knowing the other is truly interested in them.

Evenually you fall in love and it scares you, even with all the therapy...
October 9, 2004 by CamMeg
The eMilitary family network is polling which candidate was more compelling in this debate. If you wish to participate in this poll I have brought you the link below. I believe you have to register to participate, registration is free.

Have a good evening~!~
October 9, 2004 by CamMeg
Reviewing many articles in the past few weeks in regard to the election the opinions as well as the passion behind them are impressive. Without generalizing or mentioning your party share your plans on securing the votes to win.

Have a good day~!~

~Peace,Love,Health & Happiness~Extended to all
October 6, 2004 by CamMeg
The birthplace of the Republican Party for those who are unaware is my hometown Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania. Although for the past 70 years as well as today the community is dominated by the Democratic Party. The first national convention in February 1856 was held in the LaFayette Hall this hall was torn down in 1895 leaving us only to imagine the essence of these historic events.

Although there were many one of the major planks of the adopted platform was for demanding the repeal of all the la...
October 6, 2004 by CamMeg
I have been watching cspan all day. I can only imagine the pressures of the campain trial but nonetheless of what they may be the bottomline is that was their choice. I am also ignorant to the priviledges granted to these Presidental candidates. Is one of them as Cheney addressed in the VP debates not showing up for votes? I am quite serious with my question due to the votes that were on the table today Reorg of intelligence,counter center for Nuc perliferation,diaster relief funding. Is this no...
October 2, 2004 by CamMeg
Today I decided to finish a project I started weeks ago. I am an extremely sentimental person. Hoarding memento's that solidify special moments or creating something artistic with them is a passion of mine. This being said I shall share how my excitement of the project turned into me calling out for gauze,medical tape and triple antibiotic ointment.

My wonderful boyfriend appreciates gourmet coffee as much as I do, we enjoy trying different blends from various countries. With this being a ...
October 2, 2004 by CamMeg
I chose to place this survey question under Health & Medicine to enlighten those men who believe this is not a real problem. This is an issue 97% of the female population endure monthly symptoms ranging from mild to severe.

How do you interact with your partner while she is experiencing Premenstrual Syndrome ?

I appreciate your honesty in answering the aforemention question.I am quite serious in this venture of how the men of JU that are involved interact with their women during PMS.

October 1, 2004 by CamMeg
I wish to preface why I chose to write this particular article. Recently an article was written by another JU member in regard to the horrendous actions taken by the terrorist group Hamas during the celebration of Sukkoth. This article discussed how 2 small children, a female Israeli jogger and the person trying to save her life were all murdered by this group. An anonymous individual chose to make a comment making reference to genocide of the people of Palestine

Throughout history genocide w...
September 30, 2004 by CamMeg
If you read any of my articles you realize I tend to be a very positive individual. I cannot negate the fact I too have my days where I have difficulty finding my balance upon facing particular situations. This evening was one of those times proceeding a disagreement with my sister. I am very fortunate to have a wonderfully supporting boyfriend that enabled me again to find the balance I lacked as a direct result of that disagreement.

Sweetheart, I fully appreciate you taking time out of ...
September 30, 2004 by CamMeg
It amazes me when I hear individuals share with me they were too busy to communicate the love they have for those in their life. As if this is some complicated order the people in their life placed upon them. No one is denying life is full of "I need to take care of this, that and the other thing" nor the importance of those other things.

What I am communicating here is "just a moment" for those days in particular. In that moment you are filling those hearts more then you ever imagined. Take...